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       In order to answer the questions, “What is the best electric skateboard?” and “Who makes the best electric skateboard?”, you should know that various electric skateboard models are built for a specific purpose and no single model is ideal for everyone. For this reason, you must know what kind of electric skateboarder you are. Our electric skateboard review identifies the top electric skateboards for beginners, commuters, racers, heavy riders off-roaders, college/high school students and DIYers. Keep in mind that any purchases made through the links on our site will help support us!


Best electric skateboard beginner vector art

     If you are new to electric skateboards, then buying the most powerful or fastest electric skateboard could be a mistake that might result in an accident. The good news is that, in general, riding a powered skateboard is easier than riding a regular skateboard. A motorized skateboard eliminates the need to push and therefore takes away the challenge of keeping your balance while moving one foot back and forth. The motor takes over this job for you, but a beginner still needs to adjust to its function. If all electric skateboards accelerated from 0 to 25 mph in a second or stopped just as suddenly, then anyone who would try riding one for the first time could easily get hurt. For this reason, a beginner’s electric skateboard must first and foremost have smooth acceleration and a smooth braking system.

     For beginners, we recommend the SWAGTRON Spectra Advanced, an electric penny board that comes with an AI system that learns and adjusts to the skateboarder’s own riding style. Unlike with most electric skateboards, riding the Spectra Advanced does not require using a remote or even its mobile app! Thanks to its 3D Posture Control System you can just lean forward to accelerate or lean backward to decelerate and brake. On top of that, this board automatically controls your downhill speed, assists your turns by differentiating the speed in its 2 motors and comes with LED lights to keep you safe in the dark! Its pricier alternative with a shorter braking distance is the Spectra Pro while its cheaper alternative, the Spectra Mini is a bit smaller making it a little less stable for beginners.


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        Are buses and trains too crowded for you? If the answer is yes, consider getting an electric skateboard specifically for commuting. The best commuter board is optimized for range and water resistance. A solid battery life is essential for travelling the longest possible distance on a single charge. Aside from distance, a major obstacle for commuters is rain and puddles. The second digit of an electric skateboard’s Ingress Protection (IP) rating represents liquid protection with the highest possible being “8”. A waterproof electric skateboard is ideal. Don’t forget to check the bearings as well – electric skateboard companies may not include the bearings in the IP rating, meaning that they may still get damaged by water and may need to be replaced.

        The best electric skateboard for commuting is the Linky Foldable Electric Longboard. Its solid 10-mile range may not be the highest on the electric skateboard market, but it was specially designed in Italy to make your commute easier. As the name suggests this electric longboard is foldable, making it compact to easily fit inside a backpack while only weighing 12.1 lbs (Weight Capacity: 220 lbs). Additionally, the board charges to 85% capacity in just 30 minutes. It reaches a top speed of 18.64 mph and is guaranteed by the company to be water resistant as long as you don’t submerge it in a lake. Linky’s electronic components are kept in a sealed compartment that does not let in dust or water. This means you can ride through puddles and in the rain without damaging the electronics!


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     Going to classes may take some commuting, but a “student” electric skateboard is different from the full-on “commuter” electric skateboard. As a student you must be willing to sacrifice some range and battery life in exchange for a lighter board with a quieter motor. Carrying around a skateboard the size of a surfboard on campus will not only get you dirty looks from teachers/professors but will also wear you out (don’t forget that you also need to carry your books!). An electric penny board-sized skateboard with hub motors is the ideal choice for you. It has a lighter weight compared to electric longboards while hub motors create less noise compared to belt-driven motors which could be disturbing to other people on campus. To compensate for the lost range and battery life due to the smaller size, the battery should be easily chargeable or swappable.

     Students should buy the ACTON Blink S. This thin electric skateboard is 27.5 inches long, has a weight capacity of 220 lbs and only weighs 11 lbs making it easy to carry around or strap to your backpack! Aside from being one of the lightest motorized skateboard models this board is also quite affordable (save money for tuition and books!). With one hub motor it can still manage a 15% incline rate and reach a top speed of 15 mph. In terms of battery life, the Blink S can go for 7 miles straight and charges fully in 45 minutes. Its pricier version, the Blink S2 is a bit larger and heavier, but comes with two hub motors. P.S. – don’t miss the Back to School Special for the ACTON Blink S!


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     Although you are aware of the dangers of riding at full speed on an electric skateboard, you definitely enjoy that thrill. You should also be aware that figuring out which is the best electric skateboard for speed takes more than just reading the advertised miles per hour. The fastest electric skateboard ever recorded can go just about as fast as a car would drive on a highway! However, most of you speedsters don’t have a straight abandoned airstrip with perfectly smooth pavement at your disposal, so you don’t need the fastest board as much as you need a board that won’t crash at every pebble laying on the road while going at top speed. Additionally, don’t forget that your wheels can easily wear out from the constant pressure which comes with travelling at high speed (and remember to wear the appropriate safety gear!)

    For racers, we recommend the powerful ACTON Blink QU4TRO. This electric skateboard comes with not 1 or 2 but a total of 4 hub motors! With a top speed of 23 mph the Blink QU4TRO can outrun most electric skateboards on the market. On top of that, this board boasts a 30% incline rate and a 22-mile range! But what truly makes this street monster built for speed unlike other electric skateboards is its shock absorbing “Tension Suspension” trucks with a steering system that helps reduce speed wobbles. This feature keeps the Blink QU4TRO and your body from vibrating when going at high speed and absorbs hard impacts from road obstacles.


Best electric skateboard off-roader vector art

     Highway or street riding may not be your thing, but hills and dirt are where you thrive if given the choice. That is why you need the best electric off-road skateboard with the highest possible gradient percentage. The gradient percentage shows an electric skateboard’s capacity to power through steeper inclines. Additionally, large all-terrain wheels will prevent your off-road electric skateboard from getting stuck in the dirt (and they also help climb those hills!). The Ingress Protection (IP) rating’s first digit represents solid protection with the highest possible being “6” which is essential for off-road activities. Also, keep in mind that belt-driven motors will typically provide the most power which is essential for rugged terrain, but are more vulnerable to having dirt get stuck in them.

     For off-roaders, the best electric skateboard choice would be the Evolve Skateboards Bamboo GTX Series All-Terrain Electric Skateboard (A 2-in-1 street/all-terrain version is available at a higher price). While many powerful off-road electric skateboards on the market weigh over 50 lbs (good luck pulling that out of a ditch), Evolve Skateboards made this one to be just 21.6 lbs. But don’t let that fool you into thinking its half as powerful. With a 25% hill gradient, 220 lb weight capacity, top speed of 25 mph and a 20 mile range this board can easily zoom past its competition even over hills. To assist you on your rocky journey, Evolve Skateboards also made video tutorials on how to maintain the board and keep it clean and clear of dirt, which is very useful if you plan on going across rough terrain on a regular basis.

Heavy Rider

Best electric skateboard heavy rider vector art

     Maybe you are larger than the average electric skateboarder, or maybe you just need to carry a lot of stuff around. Either way, not all electric skateboards are puny. An important spec for you is weight capacity, something that many electric skateboard brands point out. But what you may have missed is that their advertised top speed and gradient percentage are measured with a load of 160 lbs. This means that lighter people will experience a higher top speed, while those of us who weigh over 200 lbs will go slower and will experience poorer uphill performance. Reinforcing a board with carbon fiber and some Kevlar will not solve your problems (it will actually make your board less flexible). To counter the effects of weight on performance your electric skateboard should have not one, but two or more motors for more power.

     As of today, the best heavy-lifting electric skateboard/longboard is the SWAGTRON Voyager. 2 layers of bamboo and 6 layers of Maplewood are what keep the Voyager’s deck strong but flexible and capable of holding 330 lbs while only weighing 19 lbs! Few electric skateboards can come close to the Voyager in terms of weight capacity despite being heavier. It’s also cheaper than its carbon fiber rivals. The dual hub motors of this electric longboard allow the SWAGTRON Voyager to reach a top speed of 15 mph and offer a range of 15 miles in one charge.


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     For you, the pickiest electric skateboarder, buying an already completed product is just too “inside the box”. Or we missed a category that fits you and you’ve decided that your only choice now is to make your own. In either case, don’t settle with hunting for scraps at a junkyard or scavenging for electric skateboard spare parts across the vast wilderness of the Internet. Get an electric skateboard kit! Some people already did that other part for you – but beware! Assembling your own board means that any loose bolts or leftover parts are your problem and cannot be used as an excuse to demand a refund. But cheer up – at least its customizable! Also, consider using an Esk8 calculator to determine the specs for your DIY electric skateboard.

     The Landwheel L3-X Gen5 Electric Skateboard Drive Conversion Kit is perfect for DIYers. It can be attached to about any deck that you prefer and doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. It also includes the remote, a swappable battery, a spare set of motor drive wheels and a charger! (Something that many other electric skateboard kits on the market lack.) The published specs for the hub motors and battery boast a top speed of 28 mph, 7-mile range and a 30% incline rate so have fun building and riding this monster machine!

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